Midnight – where two oceans meet (a.k.a. Cape Reinga)

The point at which two oceans or seas meet can often be seen with the naked eye.

One such place is Cape Reinga in New Zealand.  The Tasman Sea is different in colour and texture to the Pacific Ocean.  The long ‘seam’ between the two seas is normally clearly visible.

Inspired by this slightly surreal but completely natural phenomenon, this painting also represents midnight, i.e. the point we have chosen to separate one day from the next.  Although it is obviously not possible to see the difference between one ‘day’ and the next, as days are merely a social construct, to each person, each day is different.  Each day is made up of all our experiences, thoughts, emotions and interactions – a series of moments woven tightly together.  The stroke of midnight has no real power… unless we view it as a moment to draw a line between one collection/cacophony of moments (one day) and the next.


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